Boston Terrier Information

Boston Terrier Training

Training a Boston Terrier is relatively the same as training almost any other type of Dog. Although each breed does have their own particular traits and any Boston Terrier Training method that was able to use those traits to their fullest would see quicker results with less effort.

There are several attributes of Boston Terriers that can be used to help make training a much easier task. There are also a few things that you will want to keep in mind when you are training any dog. Lets get started with a few things you might want to keep in mind and then we will talk about Boston's specifically.

General Training Information:

One thing to keep in mind when training dogs is , at least in the beginning,  they do not understand language the same was we do.  Tone of voice and body language are going to be some of the first things you dog will notice well before they learn what each word actually means. Keeping a consistent tone of voice when you reward and correct your dog during training will greatly improve their ability to learn exactly what you want them to do when you give commands.

Do not be indecisive or hesitant when you work with your Boston as that can give mixed signals and will be easily misunderstood. There is also no need to shout or sound angry, louder does not mean better when training a dog and is more likely to frighten it than help it understand what you want to tell it. be consistent in both your tone of voice and actions and you will quickly see great improvements.

Dogs are very observant and can sense much more than just tone of voice and movements so try not to work with your dog while you are stressed or angry. Dogs can easily sense when we are stressed or angry and this may cause some confusion in their understanding exactly what you want them to do during training time. Calm and consistent actions and attitudes will greatly help increase the effectiveness of your training time.

Boston Terrier Information:

Boston Terriers are naturally intelligent dogs and can quickly pick up new tricks and skills if you clearly let them know, in a way they understand, exactly what you want them to do. A willingness to please is also another attribute of Boston's that can greatly improve a good training method.

Even with their intelligence and willingness to please Boston Terrier's along with all other dogs really do not have a long attention span. This short attention span means any reward or correction for a certain action needs to be given within a few seconds of that action for your dog to associate the action with the resulting reward. The closer the two are to each other the better your dog will associates cause and effect

Positive reinforcement works the best when dog training and at the beginning that means edible treats of some kind. Eventually you can substitute edible treats for special toys or praise and affection should you wish. However in the beginning tasty treats are usually the best way to get and keep a dogs attention. With their advanced sense of smell any dog will quickly learn when you are carrying treats and when you are not. So it is important to have a good supply of treats when you plan on working with your dog for a little bit.

Even with treats and everything else we have to help train our dogs we need to remember their limited attention span. By keeping training sessions relatively short, somewhere in the range of five minutes or so you will help keep your dog from becoming distracted and losing interest in the training.

Puppies and young dogs especially but even older dogs to some extent will lose interest in working after a while and adjusting the training time to keep this in mind is a very good idea. Mixing up the the training and adding some fun activities can help both you and your pet get the most enjoyment from training time.

Boston Terriers can be pretty active and love to spend time playing. If you add playful elements into the training routine you will both have much more enjoyment during training. Rmember if you are bored during training time it is most likely your pet is also. So make the time fun and everything will work out much better.

One of the best methods for training a Boston Terrier is the clicker training method. This method takes advantage of the ability to reward a dog exactly at the time they are performing an action. This does not allow their short attention span to get in the way of them connecting the action with the reward.

Keep in mind Boston Terrier training should be fun for both you and your Boston. A good training method not only teaches your dog what you want and how to behave but also builds a closer bond between you and your pet. Working together like that allows you each to begin to understand the others personality and can build lifelong bonds between you are your Boston Terrier.