Boston Terrier Information

Boston Terrier Temperament

Boston Terrier Temperament is for the most part a relatively gentle one on the whole. They tend to have a friendly happy-go-lucky attitude with a strong personality. Boston's respond well to patient training methods and are usually rather eager to please. Praise and small treats are usually well received and tend to motivate your Boston the best.

Boston Terriers were originally meant to hunt and reduce the rat populations in 19th century factories. Over the years that hunting instinct has been mostly bred out of the breed leaving them Terriers primarily in name only. One thing that seems to have remained is the Boston's tendency to vigorously shake their toys while playing. This type of behavior can be traced back to their origins as rat hunters.

The Boston Terriers of today are much more gentle and are no longer considered by the AKC to be sport or hunting dogs. They are generally well behaved with an alert attitude and can be very expressive and even sometimes creative in their own way. These are some of the qualities that make them excellent companions for both young and old alike.

Another general quality in both the male and female of the breed is a sensible attitude towards barking. Boston's are usually quiet and tend to bark only when absolutely necessary. This quality along with their compact size and manageable exercise needs make them outstanding apartment dwelling pets and will seldom cause noise problems.

Boston Terriers breeding over the last 100 years or more have been as companion dogs and thus enjoy the company of people. When properly socialized a Boston will easily interact with other pets in the household both canine and non canine as well as children and the elderly.

Because of these traits many Boston Terriers are specially trained as therapy dogs and are invited into hospitals and other treatment centers to assist patients in recovery and generally elevate their mood. In most cases it seems the Boston actually enjoys these visits as much as the patients themselves.

With the happy-go-lucky attitude and the desire to please Boston Terriers can be taught, or actually pick up on their own, many comical tricks that prove extremely entertaining to both young and old alike. The positive reinforcement of happy laughter has prompted many Boston's into clowning around to the amusement of all present.

The classic black and white "tuxedo" colorations of many Boston Terriers as well as being one of the few breeds to originate in the U.S. has given this breed the well earned nickname of "the American Gentleman". Their gentle nature and desire to please along with their short coat and relatively low grooming requirements along with moderate exercise needs make this breed excellent pets.

The Boston Terrier temperament and their natural preference of staying close to their owners are just a few of the traits that are appreciated by people searching for a dog that will not be too big and will be a loyal and loving companion for their entire life. If you are looking for this kind of pet you cannot go wrong choosing a Boston Terrier.