Boston Terrier Information

Boston Terrier Information

The Boston Terrier is one of the few breeds to originate in the U.S. Boston Terrier information starts around 1870 in Boston with Robert C Hooper purchasing a dog that was called Hooper's Judge.

It is unclear whether Hooper's Judge was directly descended from the Bull and Terrier breeds popular in then18th and early 19th centuries. Or was the result of crossbreeding between an English Bulldog and a Terrier breed as in the case of the White English Terrier.

What is known is shortly after Hooper's Judge the breed was mixed with the French Bulldog and it was this mix the provided the basis for the modern Boston Terrier's we have today. Originally weighing in at around 44 pounds and descended from the Pit type Bull and Terrier breed they have been bred down to today's breed standard of between 15 and 25 pounds.

Admitted entrance into the AKC in 1893 as a non sporting breed; the Boston Terrier's  markings and coloration is an integral part of the breed standard. The accepted colors are Black, Brindle or Seal and all colorations must have the white markings. Boston Terriers are also one of the few dogs born with little to no tail and docking any portion of a Boston's tail is an automatic disqualification for competition under the AKC rules.

Some other disqualifications for competition in AKC approved shows include;

Coloration other than the standard solid Brindle, solid Seal and solid Black and       not having the required white markings.

. Any evidence of blue in the eyes

. Dudley nose

These are the automatic disqualifications listed by the AKC for breed standards and acceptance in approved dog shows. You can go HERE and see the entire breed standard as listed by the AKC.

The common Black with White markings and the generally sunny disposition of the breed has earned the Boston Terrier the nickname of  "The American Gentleman". Their smaller compact size, high intelligence and easy trainability along with a generally friendly attitude has earned the Boston Terrier many devotees.

Considering all these desirable qualities, anyone who has ever had one of these Dog's in their family can attest to a certain stubborn streak as well. The intervening years has bred out most of the harsher temperament of the Terrier breed leaving Boston's a Terrier in name only. Most Boston Terrier's will prefer human company and provide excellent companionship to their families.

The breed is generally healthy over all and has a typical lifespan of between 11 to 13 years. However some Boston's have lived well into their teens given proper care and maintenance. The over all gentle disposition and relatively moderate amount of exercise needed along with minimal grooming needs make the Boston Terrier an excellent house pet that would prefer staying close to its owner.

The general ease of training makes the Boston Terrier a popular pet that owners love to show off. The intelligence and training ease also make them a great indoor pet that usually gets along well with other family pets and children as well as adults.

If you are looking for a family pet that is a manageable size yet still a robust and durable pet the Boston Terrier is a great choice to consider. For some more in depth Boston Terrier information about things such as temperament and possible health issues as well as training advice please visit some of out other pages that go into these areas in more depth or go see our pictures and some Boston Terrier art work.